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Metaldome achieves comparatively greater tactile with significantly shorter actuation than Polydome, and are used extensively in telecommunication products due to the properties displayed:
  • Slim design & light weight
  • Short actuation with excellent tactile
  • High operating temperatures of 85°C
  • Excellent Mechanical Life

Metaldome Arrays can be mounted on

  • FPC (Flexible Printed circuit) as a module and integrated with other interface components such as LEDs, LCD, EL and connecters.
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) as an array held by PET retainer
  • Front panel as an integrated assembly

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Polydome offers tactile feel with relative short actuation. Polydome forms the basic platform for Front Panel and Polyester Circuitry products.

Applications for Polydome technology are diverse, and includes the following:

Telecommunication industry
  • Polydome integrated with EL and LEDs, the unit will be assembled onto PCB or Silicone rubber keymat.
  • Underlay Polyester circuitry forms modular unit with Polydome, providing ease in assembly to master module
Audio and Visual Products
  • High end remote controls for Audio and Visual Products with contact made by plastic actuators or rubber keymats.
Consumer Electronics and Appliances
  • Together with the Graphic Overlay, Polydome forms many possibilities to be used in these areas of application.
Products commonly found with Polydome are:
  • Rice cookers, Washing Machines, Coffee makers, Vacuum, Vacuum Thermal Flasks, Microwave Ovens, Compact Remote Controls

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Our Front Panel integrated design offers Polydome / Metaldome switch integration with tactile response, without requiring additional discrete switch assembly.

With a compact design, this reduces packaging cost and is also aesthetically appealing to the end product user.

Overlay provides easy assembly to plastics and integration with multiple interfaces such as Crimp / ZIF or other mechanical connectors, LEDs and LCD displays

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Keyboard/Notebook Membranes are used in computer keyboards. There are various types of configurations to meet your mechanical and electrical needs.

Multi-layered designs for keyboard membrane eliminate separate boards and connectors, thus reducing weight and profile in comparison to rigid board alternatives. The UV separated design eliminates the need for PET spacer, reducing cost, packaging height and weight.

Notebook membrane design is similar in design to keyboard membrane, with added jumper capability and water resistant protection.

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